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Sunday, 15 September 2019

Global Climate Strike September 20th

Dear Friends,
This is an edited copy of a letter on the Plum Village UK website. The full letter (with an explanation of why the Earth Holder Community are committing to the next 18 months of co-ordinated direct action) is available to view if you follow the link below). The first action we are being invited to support is the Climate Strike on September 20th and in particular to support the children who are striking from schools.

Dear Plum Village friends everywhere, 
Earth Holder – An exciting invitation to join thousands of Plum Village friends around the world for coordinated Earth Justice practice! 
The Earth Holder Community has recently put forward a call to action for Plum Village Sangha members around the globe to support the young people’s School Climate Strike on September 20th as part of the wider Global Climate Strike. We are now adding to this a project we are calling “Give Mother Earth the Next 18 Months.” 
Step One is the invitation to participate in the Sept 20 Climate Strike. There are over 1500 Plum Village Sanghas around the world. The young people have committed to a “school climate strike” for that Friday in nearly 5000 communities. The idea is for Sanghas or Sangha members who are in one of those communities to leave their jobs or regular lives for the day, show up at the appointed time and place to support the young people by offering a silent sitting or walking meditation. We might also offer deep listening opportunities—imagine sitting on a bench or a chair, holding a sign saying something like, “Concerned about Mother Earth? Fellow citizen willing to listen.”

In gratitude, 
The Earth Holder Community Compassionate Direct Action Family

To find out where a strike is happening near you:

Extinction Rebellion interviewed Sister Dedication and Brother Phap Linh from Plum Village who attended the protests at Marble Arch in London in the spring. A film of the interview is available to view on youtube. We are greatly encouraged to see the Plum Village community supporting this movement.

Members of the Touching the Earth Sangha were also at the protests in April, with one of our members among the 1300 arrested.

Saturday, 31 August 2019

Days of Mindfulness practice
@Siggy’s Barn,
    High Ham, 10am - 4pm

Remaining dates for 2019:

  •  7th December

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The Touching the Earth Sangha Retreat 7th - 11th August 2019

The Touching the Earth Sangha held it's ninth and final retreat at the beautiful East Down Centre in Devon from August 7th - 11th. This year we explored the theme of 'Gratitude', which was highly appropriate as we were all feeling a great deal of gratitude towards the centre for being part of our Sangha home for the last nine years. For me, the knowledge that we were going to be there for the last time made me appreciate the place even more. Impermanence watered the seeds of gratitude........